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I newly got the Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile keyboard and am really happy with it. The RGB is amazing and this is my first mechanical keyboard. I am; however, a little dismayed at the flexibility with the lighting/integrations.


The only lighting mode that is there in iCUE is that of Void Visualizer. I select it on my keyboard and the visualizer does not work. I read on some reddit posts and other forums that for this to work on any corsair keyboard, there needs to be a Wallpaper Engine wallpaper that is audio responsive. If you do not want to use wallpaper engine, then you need to have a corsair audio accessory to be able to use this feature.


Is there any way where the Visualizer can work without the audio accessory on the keyboard?


There even seems to be a lacking in the RGB profiles for software, for example there is no Discord Plugin/integration that can display Discord notifications and other things on the keyboard.


Also, a long shot, but is there any way to integrate lighting from other companies also? I have a SteelSeries rival 600 mouse and a SteelSeries Arctis 5 headphone. My laptop itself is a Lenovo Legion Y740 that has iCUE enabled lighting so it would essentially be unifying the RGB of all the devices.

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That keyboard supports more effects that just Void Visualizer so if that is all you see you need to make sure you have iCUE fully updated. As for Void Visualizer it does not work without a Corsair headset.


The keyboard lighting on the numpad does work when wallpaper engine is running, but works properly when wallpaper engine is not running.

I have iCUE fully updated.


Why is it that Void Visualizer does not work without a Corsair headset?


Is there any other audio visualizer that works with Corsair Keyboards?


Is there somewhere we can ask for features for a future release of iCUE?

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