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2 questions? 2 rgb hubs? comander pro/icue issue


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Hello Corsair users!!!!

I have just done a new build and am fairly new to the corsair rgb and fan ecosystem. The build is a 465x case with the RGB Lighting node core and I have installed a commander pro as well. The mobo is a asus ROG strix x570-e gaming cpu= amd ryzen 7 3700x gpu= zotac gaming gforce rtx 3060 ti psu= evga superNOVA 750ga 80+gold. I have 4 LL120 3 in the front of case and one as rear exhaust then 2 QL120 on the top of the case as exhaust. i have learned reading through a bunch of post that you cant mix fans with the RGB Lighting node core. so my question is can you run 2 corsair rgb Lighting node cores off 1 commander pro with each rgb Lighting node core controlling only a set of LL or QL fans?

Question 2!!

This issue seams to be one with either Icue software or my commander pro. so what is happening is that what ever fan is plugged into port 6 wants to spin at 2300 rpm. I have tried multiple fans a different LL120 a QL120 and a non corsairs branded fan to take out the variable. They all sadly spin up to 2300 rpm Icue says and sound like a jet is taking off. I see for the specs of the LL and QL that they are only suppose to be 500-1500 rpm roughly so getting 2300rpm cant be good.......:bigeyes: The logical thing would be go to the icue software and adjust the speed. the problem is that majority of the time the software doesn't change any of the speeds. I will have to do a full reboot of my PC and sometimes and i will get lucky that they change. I can get port 6 to match the other fans if its on quite mode vs all the others being on extreme but it shouldn't be that way. It should be even across the board right??? I look in my open hardware monitor and it says that fans 1,3, and 4 only get 60%. these fans would be bottom front intake LL120 Top font intake LL120 and top of case exhaust QL120. So anyone know what could be the issue here do i need a new commander pro or are there some settings hidden in a windows PC or is it the mixing of types of fans???? I really hope someone can help me with this cause it is so frustrating...... Thank you for you time!!!!


suggestion for Corsair software developers- make it so you can control either ll or ql fan by telling what fan is in each port on the same Lighting node core

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