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Corsair Fan lighting and Commander Pro issue


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Ive been having this issue for a while now


for some reason my last 3 fans in my pc have been acting weird with their lighting.


I have 6 Corsair HD120 fans btw


Ive noticed that whenever i launch a game they would get stuck, the lighting would just freeze and even if i exited the game they would stay frozen. My first 3 fans on the other had are completely fine.


It doesn't matter if i quit IQue or shut down any processes to do with IQue they wont change, they will stay lit. Where as the lighting on the first 3 fan will turn off as i've shut Ique down.


Going into the commander pro settings it still sees 6 fans connected and i can still change the fan speed for all 6 fans. Commander pro even thinks that the lighting for the last 3 fans is completely fine and cycling through colours as it should be.


The only way ive found to fix it is to just wait and the fans will randomly fix themselves and and start randomly cycling through the colours as they should????? im so confused!!!

Restarting my pc does nothing to them, and shutting down completely will turn them off but they wont turn back on properly and will be stuck at one static colour. I litreally have to wait untill they fix themselves


i have noticed that on my third fan a few of the leds do change as if still cycling the colures and half of them are frozen?




In the image you can see my pc. i have turned off all my fans lighting but the last 3 fans are still lit, frozen on those colours. on the third fan you can see its corner is dimmed as those leds have turned off but the rest are still there.



any help?

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