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Connection regarding 1 QL140 fan and Commander Pro


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So I felt in the RGB rabbit hole for my new build and let me tell you. This whole thing is frustrating and cumbersome. Anyway I decide to go to the all corsair RGB route since I already run iCue for my K95 keyboard.


If this is not the right place to ask the question I am sorry, please feel free to move the thread


I am basing my system on a Fractal Define 7 case. Since it has a closed front panel I am thinking of ways to setup RGB to the rest of the case. So far I have decided to go with the H115i Platinum AIO mounted on top. I am looking to place a single QL140 at the back as an exhaust and some LS100 strips daisy chained running through the case.


So my question in which I am unable to find the answer is. Can I connect and control the RGB of a single QL140 directly on 1 of the 2 RGB channels of the Commander Pro without lighting node core? I have seen in a corsair youtube video that I can connect the strips directly on the second one.


Thank you in advance

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