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HS35 microphone barely picking up my voice

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I'm at my wits end with this problem.


Yesterday I was given the HS35 headset to replace my old Logitech G430 headset, which was being held together with glue. The speakers on the HS35 work wonderfully, but for some reason, the microphone is barely registering my voice, only getting an incredibly quiet input when I am practically yelling and nearly eating the mic at the same time.


My attempts at fixing this are as follows:

- Verifying that it was plugged into the correct plugs.

- Verifying that it was fully plugged in.

- Verifying that the mute button was not pressed.

- Plugging the HS35 into the USB port of the Logitech G430 headset. (Interestingly enough the speakers still functioned, and it registered as a G430, but the mic issue was unchanged. I have also tested everything below both with the jacks and the USB port, for good measure.)

- Testing the mic in different software, to ensure that it was not an issue with just one program. (Tested programs include: Discord, Audacity, Microsoft Teams)

- Testing the mic on a different computer, to ensure that it was not an issue with the headset itself. (Mic seems to function fine on other devices.)

- Restarting the computer with the headset plugged into it.

- Restarting the computer with the headset unplugged from it.

- Under 'Recording Devices -> Properties -> Advanced' for the headset, set the Default Format from whatever the initial one (CD or DVD Quality iirc) was to Studio Quality. (No change was noticed.)

- Under 'Recording Devices -> Properties -> Levels' for the headset, set the Microphone slider to 100 (was at 50). (No change was noticed.)

- Under 'Recording Devices -> Properties -> Levels' for the headset, set the Microphone Boost slider to +10.0dB, then +20.0dB, then +30.0dB. (Voice volume increased slightly, feedback noises increased exponentially. This solution is nonviable as I require my voice to be as clear as possible.)

- Updating audio drivers. (Drivers are up to date.)


Things I have not been able to attempt so far:

- Updating device drivers. (No drivers were found for the headset on my pc to update, and I have been unable to find the proper drivers to download, possibly due to frustration/fatigue at troubleshooting for 8 hours now.)

- Updating Windows 10. (Currently stuck at 0% for 6 hours now.)

- Downloading & installing a 3rd party program that claims to have the solve the problem. (I'd really rather not.)


I would really appreciate any solution that anyone has at this point, because I cannot find anything else and I just want to enjoy not having to glue my primary means of communication back together every three days.


Thanks in advance!

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Managed to (kinda) resolve this issue thanks to support on the corsair subreddit. For anyone that runs into a similar issue, here's a screenshot of the conversation, with the exception of my initial post there, as it was more or less identical to the one here.





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