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Corsair Ls100 Ambient light not working

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Hello guys,

I have built a new pc with a ryzen 5 3600 and a asus rtx 3070.

Also i have the corsair commander pro, light node pro, and several light strips along with rgb corsair fans in the case. Its all working properly. Now i installed the Ls 100 starter kit behind my display and as i was setting it up i noticed that if i turn the ambient light mode on, the ambient light would work but all other lights in the pc begin to lag on their light effects and in the corsair software they are disconnecting and reconnecting all the time. Also the fan control over my commander pro is doing things it shouldnt do when that happens. Now if i just activate another light effect on the ls100 it works all fine. I bought the ls100 exclusively for the ambient light so anyone know how i can fix it? I checked and everything of the Corsair Items and software is on the latest software update. Also my gpu is on the latest driver.

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