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Corsair Void Headphones and Fan Noise


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As the title suggests, I'm using a set of Corsair Void RGB headphones on my gaming rig. It is plugged in via USB into my keyboard, which is connected via USB to the i/o panel of my motherboard.


This is less of an equipment question and more of a technical question - is there a reason that the fan noise from my case sounds much louder and more pronounced when I put these headphones on? If I take off the headphones, the fan noise blends right into the ambient noise of the room (a guest room in my house which is extremely quiet). I'm using mostly Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans, although my AIO has some NZXT AER P 120's running on a silent profile. When I put the headphones back on, the fan noise seems to increase in volume, regardless of what speed the fans are at. Maybe because the lower range of the ambient noises is being blocked by the headphones and only the higher treble is coming through?

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