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You must pull out your existing sticks and start from scratch. Trying to get current stock DDR3 to mesh with older versions would be challenging, but also a problem because of the amount you need and the inevitable different size modules.


I have not looked at DDR3 in 8 years and don’t have a finger on what prices should be or current availability. However, there isn’t going to be a lot of triple channel stuff out there and I don’t think we have seen this since those 920/930/...980 days. If it’s triple channel 3 x (_)GB it should work on that board. I do remember there is no reason to look past 1600MHz for that MB.

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Well I have decided to not expand to 24GB as I would have liked, and instead purchased off of EBay the same brand new XMS3 pack TR3x6G1600C9 as I have in there now. That will bring me to 12GB which will do for now. In the next year or two, I will update the motherboard and processor and new DDR4 memory.
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Well my new memory has arrived and being rather a noob about adding memory I consulted EVGA about the slots to add the additional 6GB (3x2).. Their recommendation is if using 3 or less modules, put them in slots 1,3, and 5. If using 4 or more modules, put them in slots 2,1,4 and 3 first, then 5 and 6 in that order. Does this sound correct to all of you more experienced than I members on this X58 SLI LE board? Edited by Greeny173
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