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4000D Airflow Case Fans


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Hi Bazcb,


What fans you want is mostly up to you, but I can explain a bit about the different ones:


ML fans - our top of the line performer with magnetic levitation bearings - these are my own go to fans as they are great on radiators and coolers, and are very quiet at low RPM's

QL/LL fans - our high-end RGB fans. These are the ones you would get if you want looks over performance. They will still work on coolers and radiators, but the ML's are just a tad better as they have a bigger fan blade. They can also make fancy effects like this.

SP/AF fans - the more entry line fan models.


You can also try and reach out to our support team and see if it is possible to get a few more fans of the type that comes with the case, as those are not up for sale yet sadly. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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