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Icue has killed 2 RGB Hubs! WHY?


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So recently opened Icue, don't know why i did but three of my 6 fans RGB's stopped working. I tried swapping the fans into different ports, all the fans LEDs worked but no matter what I did only ports 1-3 on the hub worked. Got another new RGB hub, swapped it out and hey presto all back working again! Opened Icue to change the colour profile and once again ports 4-6 no longer work no matter what a do but the fans are fine.


Icue firmware is all the latest versions, really starting to regret my choice of going with Corsair for all my peripherals, fans, RAM etc. :roll:


Anyone have any clues as to whats going on here?


EDIT - If I unplug and replug the USB connection whilst running all the fans come back on again. I'll just avoid the ICue app in future lol

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