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Computer lagging and RGB stuttering in new build


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So I just upgraded to a new case, CPU cooler + added fans


Gone from NZXT H700i with Corsair H115i PRO


To Lian Li O11 Razer Edition RGB, Corsair H150i Elite Capellix 360mm and 6x Corsair QL 120 fans


I never had issues at all on my old build, but with this I'm experiencing general lag/stutter in everything when i play + regular use while games are open.


RGB in my keyboard Corsair K95 is stuttering, same with all the fans, mouse (Corsair Rival 600) and in the built-in RGB in the case with Razer 3 Synapse


I googled and tried a lot of solutions but still happening, primarily while having games open.


CPU is i7-9700k and is not at load at all or have high temps.

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My setup is:


AIO is connected to the Commander Core that were included. All the other 6 fans is connected to 1 Lightning Node for the RGB for the 6x fans, all 6 fans connected to Commander Pro and then all connected to it via USB.


1x Sata from PSU to power the HUBs and I have Corsair RMX750 watt, so it shouldnt be a problem

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