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Audible Pump on H115i RGB Pro XT?

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Hi all, first time poster here, long time Corsair user. I’ve put together a 5800X, 3070 based system in an NZXT 710i for Christmas and its beautifully silent at idle... except for my Corsair 115i RGB Pro XT, whose water pump I can hear the entire time.


Pump speed appears to bottom out at 1978rpm when set to 'Quiet' mode in iCUE, is this normal?

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That is the bottom speed with Balanced ~2400 and Extreme 2700-2800 rpm the other two fixed pump speeds.


You’ll have to make an assessment on noise and whether it’s really a volume/loudness issue or it’s the tone that is off putting.


To be honest it seems like both, albeit more the noise. I've done some reading and it seems the H115i PRO RGB (non-XT) has an 1100 RPM pump, which might be better suited to me. Hmm.

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I have a H115i Pro. The 1100 rpm is virtually undetectable and quiet desktop levels and that is what is was meant for. Just be aware using that for sustained load like gaming/renders/encoding comes with a measurable temperature penalty. However, even at the 2160 rpm balanced speed where I kept it parked, the tone is different than a Platinum/XT. A bit less high frequency scatter. I consider it much better for the noise sensitive groups, of which I am a member.
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