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Question regarding iCUE H100i Elite Capellix


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I just built a new system in a 220T Airflow case and the RGB lighting is giving me a bit of a headache with setting it up.


I initially wasn't aware of the differences in the lighting on the fans, and got some ML120 Pro RGB fans to mount on my H100i RGB Pro XT, figuring I could just plug them into the Core mounted in my case and be done with it. Case came with three SP 120 RGB Pro fans mounted in it, and I picked up a fourth as a rear exhaust. The H100i is top mounted as an exhaust, as well. Three front fans are on ports 1,2 3 of the RGB controller, with the ML120 RGB on ports 4 and 5, with the final SP120RGB on port 6.


The RGB worked but anything that had a sequential sort of pattern was wonky after the ML120 fans, which I now know you can't mix and match fans due to the differing LED count.


I'm looking at the H100i Elite Capellix cooler to replace the H100i RGB Pro XT, as the controller it comes with will give me a lot more control over the fans than I currently get with my motherboard.


With all that being said, my question is twofold: What fans does the h100i Elite Capellix come with? The info page says ML series fans, but the photos show fans that don't have the gray rubber isolated corners the ML fans I have currently, and the videos I saw about setting them up show the fans as an 8 LED fan, whereas the ML120 I have seem to be a four LED.


It sure looks like the Elite capellix comes with SP120 RGB Pro fans on it. If it does, that would fix all the headaches I'm currently having with my RGB as then all the fans in the case would match.


If that's not the case, is there any reason I can't use SP120 RGB fans on it, even though they're not PWM fans?


Thanks for any help.

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The Capellix comes with the updated ML Pro fans, which have more LEDs and higher possible RPMs. I think they're phasing out the old ML fans with these, but I'm not sure if you buy ML fans which you'll currently get. I've heard recently of people getting either kind.


For other fans, yeah, you can swap out any fans. I currently use QL fans on my Capellix, and have used LL's in the past. They all work perfectly fine. There will be a temperature difference with them not being high Static Pressure fans, but from my experience this only amounted to a difference of a few degrees.

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