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Is my new pump working? Here are the temps.

Nun Soup

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happy holidays!


I got the Corsair H60 as a gift and I just installed it. But I can't tell if it's working or not--this is my first AIO.


Here are the temps after browsing online for roughly 20-30 minutes. Does it seem to be working?


A few details:

  • I plugged the pump into the CPU Fan pin of my mother board.
  • The H60 pump connection is only a 3-pin connector. I plugged it into a 4-pin port.
  • The H60 I got doesn't appear to have any LEDs or RGBs. So I can't tell if it's actually getting power.


Here are my temps. Do you think it's working?



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The H60 (2013) gets it's power from the MB header. That header needs to be set to 100%/PWM/Disabled or any other language your MB maker uses to show a constant 12v state. Asus uses "Full speed" and disabled. They are the same thing. Based on the MB fan readings from the dashboard, you are cutting power to the pump. One of those should read 4000-4400 rpm. In the BIOS, go to CPU fan in either the EZ BIOS or Advanced and set CPU_FAN to Full Speed or Disabled. That should help with the CPU temps. It looks like you are running 1/2 speed and you can't do that with small radiators.
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Thank you c-attack!


I checked my BIOS and it says my water pump was running ~4300 rpm. My CPU fan is running at around 1200 rpm. So it looks like everything is working! :biggrin:


I have the CPU fan set to ramp up dynamically the higher the CPU load. So it should speed up when I actually play a game.


Thanks again for your help on Christmas! It's much appreciated.

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