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Void Elite surround is worse than the Void Pro surround ?


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I own a Void Pro Wireless that I've come to love. I wanted to upgrade to the Void Elite Wireless (which I believed was better in every way since you know, it's supposed to be it's direct upgrade, a more recent version).


My problem revolves around the surround system which feels much worse on the Void Elite compared to the Void Pro.



With the old headset (Void Pro) :


- This is what is displayed in iCUE when my old headset is connected.


- This is what is displayed when I click on it.



Now with the new headset (Void Elite) :


- This is what is displayed in iCUE when my new headset is connected (notice how the name of the headset goes from "Void Pro Wireless" to "Void Elite Wireless").


- This is what is displayed when I click on it (notice how the name of the surround, as well as the icon, goes from "Dolby Surround" to "7.1".)



So I thought "Wait, maybe I need to turn on Dolby surround in the Windows' sound tab".


To my disbelief, it was never on with the old headset. It couldn't be since Windows asks me to download the Dolby app if I want to turn the Dolby surround on.



So, I would like to know if there is a way to get the Dolby surround system (of the Void Pro) enabled on my new headset (Void Elite) instead of that new "7.1" and supposedly better surround ?


It hurts me to realize that my girlfriend bought me a new headset and it's actually worse than the old one even though it's supposed to be an upgrade.



EDIT : Just realized the Elite is actually worse than the Pro. Looks like there's no issue then, I just made a costy mistake.

If any admin walks by, please delete this thread.

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