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Strange values in icue (commander pro)


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Hello everyone,


I have the following problem, for a while my Commander pro no longer shows me all fans and if then usually only two with strange values.

I have connected 5 fans and one pump.

It seems that the problem is caused by Hwinfo, is there a solution?

At the beginning everything worked great.

Thanks in advance for your help.






Best regards


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You need to disable the monitoring of Corsair devices in HWiNFO if you wish to use it as the same time as CUE 3. HWiNFO normally gives a clear warning about this on launch (and also one for your Asus Embedded Controller you can allow). You also must use the Portable version of HWiNFO and not the installer version.


If you want to run HWiNFO standalone, quit iCUE, Corsair.Service (32 bit), and Corsair.Service CPUID from the task manager. Then launch HWiNFO.


If you run them simultaneously with the stipulations listed above, you may still need to restart the Corsair Service from the CUE settings panel after launching HWiNFO.

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