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Unusual DDR4 Issue


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I'm running into a problem I really don't understand... But let's give you general info first.


I'm running Win10Home 64. With:


I7-5820k on MB: MSI X99A Raider

I have originally installed 2x8Gb of CORSAIR Vengeance 2666MHz (CMK16GX4M2A2666C16) [Ver.4.24]

GPU GTX970 if it's relevant.


Originally I mounted my DDR in DIMM1 and DIMM8 like the MB manual recommended. But it's also work in DIMM1&3. 1010.0000 or 1000.0001

Noted that I have this computer for over 5 years and I rarely have trouble with it.


Now the problem, Thank's to the Adobe software I wish to upgrade my RAM a bit, so I ordered More or the same DDR

Ref: 2x8Gb of CORSAIR Vengeance 2666MHz (CMK16GX4M2A2666C16) [Ver.3.33] <=== Noted that only the version is different they are the same DDR Sticks.

Because it wasn't working (Meaning nothing happen, the computer start, the screen isn't showing anything, I'm unable to reach BIOS Win or anything)

I went back to the shop and... Well, they work.


Back to my place I scratched my head...

Start thinking generally the first tip is Updates so BIOS Updated [unSOLVED].

CMOS reset (button): [unSOLVED]

CMOS reset (Batterie): [unSOLVED]

New (A) Stick alone: [unSOLVED]

New (B) Stick alone: [unSOLVED]

I Tried all slot possible with only one of the stick [unSOLVED]

Enable XMP [unSOLVED]


Also note that i tryed other brand with the same specs, everything is going smooth but those two sticks


If you have any hint about what I could try out...


Thank you

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You are trying to mix two different memory kits together and that is often fraught with problems. X99 was the first DDR4 platform and it was tough sledding at first, improving later on with BIOS updates. Regardless it was always finicky. When you went back to the shop and they “tested” them, I don’t suppose it was on a X99 system?


5 years apart you had little chance of obtaining the same version number of the exact same spec RAM. You will never be able to use XMP with this and will require manually configuring the primary timings. However, if you can’t boot up at 2133 with the original kit in Bank A and the new kit in Bank B, things are not looking good and I would exercise whatever return options you have on the new kit, then try and find a matching quad channel 4x8GB set.

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