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My brand new H45 Hydro cooler is making noise at the radiator part. I don't know how to explain exactly, but it is high pitched noise like high voltage electric charge voltage.

I don't know if this is normal, but it is a bit disturbing when there is complete silence in the living room. You don't hear it when there is music, it's a low dB noise.


In addition, the primary fan on the processor is 4200 rpm on average, cannot be changed, it defaults to automatic. I don't know if this is normal?

On the other hand, on the Asus AI Suite 3 software I can adjust the optional fan which is on the radiator part only. He's silent, that's perfect. But I am coming to you to find out if there is any way to adjust this high pitched background noise on the radiator part, like a high voltage hum.


Sorry for my English, I'm in French, I'm doing the translation with Google. : o:

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The 4200 rpm is the pump speed. The H45 is a small frame (120x120) and units like that require higher flow rate to compensate for a smaller radiator surface area. This is not adjustable. The fan can be adjusted to your needs.


It's hard to say on the pump noise. It has to make some sound and high speed mechanical noise is typically not harmonious. You need to decide if the H45 is defective (overly loud, inconsistent sounds) or it's just generally not pleasing and you need to make a different choice on the cooler.

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I couldn't take 2 fans because my tower is not tall enough, but being a tall tower. And I already have a large silent fan from above. So I only had one compartment in the back.

Ok so being a single fan the pump runs faster.

It is not the pump that makes the noise, but the radiator part, the grille. It is as if you were standing next to a high voltage box making its high-pitched mechanical noise. The noise is much lower when the PC is hot.


Thank you for your reply.

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The H45 pump is located in that end cap reservoir on the radiator. This is different than some other Corsair coolers that have the pump sitting on top of the CPU block. I assume this is where the noise is coming from. That and the fan are the only moving or electrical pieces.


I would say if it is causing aggravation at idle, then it does not work as a cooling solution for you. The question is whether you should exchange it for another or go in a different direction. I would do a quick search and see what other users have said in the past.

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I see on this post that there is already another person who also has this noise problem, so I am not alone and it is known. It is not very nice of Corsair to sell a product that has this problem. The stores they don't know, they put in sentences that make you want to buy.


The person in this forum



It changes the voltage to lower, I will not venture on this table.

I'll be able to get used to it, but it's a shame I bought something that I was looking for quiet.


It is true that I got it for 50 euros, it was not too expensive, good budget for a simple research. Led lights are only marketing, I was not looking primarily for this range which will cost more just for the light.

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I read the reply privately, I made a mistake in my message which I thought I sent on this post, so I copied what I sent privately.

We can close this item as we have found the issue that it is from the original manufacture. And, that he joined the other older post, to which I also gave the video links to show the noise.


If the technicians can send an update patch that would reduce the noise, that would be great. But it comes down to the mechanics of manufacturing, which would be next to impossible to have an update fix.

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After 4 hours of research work, learning about the Bios concerning only the CPU, I finally found the place that removes the noise and lowers the rpm. I don't know why this was mi on 4 pin by default, I was thinking maybe when I plugged in the 4 pin one having bought this H45. Because, before I had a Ventirad which was connected only on 3 pins, without having the option 4 pins.

I show you in picture where I could find this in the bios.

Thus, on the Asus AI Suite 3 software it now indicates at 2100 RPM on average at low frequency PC use (use without streaming or playing games).





The information indicated:

Auto: Automatic selection of the operating mode according to the type of processor fan detected.

DC Mode: Enables Q-FAN feature support for chassis fans with 3 pins.

PWM Mode: Enables Q-FAN feature support for chassis fans with 4 pins.

Disable: Disables the Q-FAN feature


It is therefore necessary to select automatic.


It gave me a great apprenticeship. I am very glad that I was able to sort out this problem while learning. Hope this will help several people who would have this same problem.

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