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My Setup After A Week with iCue Nexus


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So I played around with it now for a week. Here are my feelings;

Negatives -

Not a lot of Widgets and Sensors available by default

No support yet by people like discord or nvidia to make widgets either (would live an nvidia widget to put fps since i dont like it as an nvidia overlay)

Don't like how NOT intuitive the interface is. (I stand by my previous statements after getting the K100 that iCue needs a usability overhaul.


Positives -

Looks great once you get it set up the way you want.

Looks like it belongs on your keyboard.

Allows me to remove most overlays from my games except FPS and Discord.


I'm neutral on the $100 price tag. Maybe if Corsair had gotten 3rd parties to whip up some widgets ahead of time.


I would also suggest MSI Afterburner widget could cover most anything you want from fps to massive amounts of sensor and use data.


Here is a picture/video.



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