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Powering Lighting Node Pro


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I currently have an H115i platinum 280mm AIO and I'm looking at buying three additional ML140 RGB case fans. (two came with the H115i)


Upon researching, it looks like I'm going to need the lighting node pro (can buy with the two pack) and possibly something else to power these fans AND provide iCue RGB functionality?


However I am completely out of open SATA power connectors. I have no additional room on my PSU to power this, the modular power supply is completely filled. Can I daisy chain the power for the Ligthing Node Pro with another one of my SATA power connectors? Maybe the SSD SATA power, or, if I recall, the H115i water block had a SATA power cable I could daisy chain off that. Can I daisy chain off either of those connectors coming from my power supply safely?


Will I need to buy anything else besides the Lighting Node Pro and the three ML140 case fans to use iCue? Maybe the H115i included something I can leverage?


Please let me know if I'm completely off base or not making much sense.


Thank you for the help!

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