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Xd3 and xc7 not working with iCUE


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Just recently done a new build with rgb which I've never done before.


I've plugged in the xc7 cpu block rgb into the xd3 res/pump (daisy chain?) which then goes into the commander pro rgb


The rgb works on both the xc7 and xd3 but when I launch iCUE it turns off the rgb on the xc7 block.


I've gone into lighting and set the rgb port 1 ( which it's plugged into) to xd3&xc7 but still problem persists.


Just to clarify when BOTH work:


Starting up the pc, both are on which do a rainbow effect.

Launch iCUE block turns off, res/pump stays on.

Reset pc, imediately both turn on again on rainbow.


Any ideas? Thanks

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