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Finally got my 3090, not complete, but cookin with grease now... :)

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Just uploaded some pics of my new rig, attached to my gallery, with descriptions and timeline. :)


Quick pic - NO RGB turned on atm, gotta get it all going again and get some pics, so ill update once its all back on, but here is a crapload of QLs and other components under the soft, glow of UV / Blacklight illumination only:




Link to my current system specs: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/member.php?u=173704


Link to my Gallery which includes pics of overclocking results:



Youtube channel:



Now that I have the 2080ti back in my old rig, I'm using it to stream as well as encode videos for youtube. Plan to get a lot of additional new content up, between the new rig, overclocking, crazy custom water-cooling for the 3090 once I find the right block, as well as sim-racing and Valve Index VR.

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