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Override pre-defined LC fans rpms


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so I have an issue that I can't really control the speed with which the fans in H100i LC set are spinning.


The only options in icue are quiet, balanced, extreme and "fixed" where fixed is minimum 40% which doesn't really do anything whether i set 100% or 40%, the fan RPM stays the same.


Pls take a look how it works in "quiet" mode



>1700RPM is anything but quiet and looking at the CPU temperature I really dont need them to turn into hairdryer mode


any tips on how to override this without this crappy icue or is my only option to plug them directly into mobo and scre icue?



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The fans are ramping up because you are closing in on the 40C=100% coolant temp line that is shared by all three presets. The presets are just that — predefined points based on coolant temperature. If you have a restrictive case or a hot environment, you will be starting higher up on the curve.


Performance tab + to create a custom curve. Graph appears below. You can use the shape tools in the upper right corner as a starting point, then drag the higher temp points down a bit to soften the speed. If your baseline coolant temp is 30C when you power up, you can’t go lower than that.

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