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iCue Ryzen 5000 Problems


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I have been lucky enough to upgrade to a Ryzen 5000 CPU (5800X), and have been waiting for an iCue update to finally support the processors. I have LL120 fans and have loved being able to set individual fan curves for components, but since iCue does not support Ryzen 5000 CPU temps yet I cannot set based on that. I have found a sensor on the Asus motherboard I have that seems to coincide pretty well with CPU temp that I can set the fan curves for, so that has been no big deal. The LL120 fans are just chassis fans, however I picked up a H150i Pro XT RGB yesterday, and with the pump having the integrated fan controller for use in iCue, I was wondering if anyone has even a remotely accurate guess as to when iCue will finally support the new CPUs? I have the fans plugged into CPU_FAN header on motherboard using a 3 fan splitter, and the pump on AIO_PUMP. So, the cooler is fully functional, and I'm very happy with the performance. But, I don't think its right at all for iCue to not support the CPU temps at all, and not even list an alternative method, or include the needed parts for the alternative method, for making sure the cooler functions as intended.
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