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Corsair HS70 PRO sound adjusting wheel turns sound off abruptly


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Hello. I bought Corsair HS70 PRO headset few months ago but wasn't using it much since then. Another day I needed it and noticed that adjusting wheel makes sound disappear suddenly even though there is plenty room till the wheel can't be adjusted anymore. So basically instead of making sound disappear gradually it just turning it off at some point. It's like 'loud-to-normal' sound level/no sound at all and I miss like 15% to 20% of the sound adjustment capability compared to the windows sound controls slider, for example. Also I don't remember to have that problem in the beginning (probably haven't noticed). I did soft reset/reinstalled drivers accordingly to the information I found on official corsair site and this forum. Is that a common characteristic of this headset? It doesn't seems to be normal. Any help/feedback would be appreciated.
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