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Installing LS100 350mm inside Corsair 4000D

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I'm considering installing LS100 350 mm at the bottom of my Corsair 4000D in a similar fashion to the one shown in Corsair Lab video, but I would like to put in the bottom sideways to have diffused light, but NOT have strip itself visible.




As it's impossible to get actual dimensions of the strips, perhaps anyone owning those is able to check if the would fit into the bottom case channel sideways?


Bonus question - would it be possible to bend by 90 degrees the 450mm LS100 and put in the same spot as video to fit the whole length of this bottom case channel?

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I have 6 LS 100 strips in my case. They're kind of thick (almost an inch), so they won't bend well unfortunately. If that's your intention, I'd suggest the Phanteks Neon RGB strips, and then get an adapter cable to power/control it with ICue.
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Thanks a lot!


Got a response on r/corsair from u/traviscorsair on dimensions: "The strip is 17mm tall, the Black portion is 8mm wide, but the diffusion part is a little wider at 9mm."


I'll go with strip you recommended. I assume this converter from PirateTechDog: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Corsair-RGB-to-Aura-Mystic-Light-A-RGB-Adapter/372521827376


Pitty, shipping to EU is more expensive than the actual converter.

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