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This NEEDS a hotfix


My keyboard has been partialy bricked for months, 3 blinking white lights, ghosting and stuck at 100% when i try to update on iCUE


No luck, i've paid Premium for this keyboard wich has amazing reviews and people telling me that It was one of the best keyboards in the world, and 1 week after the rgb Just stops working after an firmware update (v.308)


I searched the whole internet for a fix, even tried to buy a New Motherboard for the keyboard but no luck, no fixes, no Corsair support


I've already tried manually changing the firmwares witch absolutely no luck, already tried to update on another Pc, other iCUE and CUE versions, no luck at ALL


CORSAIR, this is a shakedown, please release a hotfix on iCUE for k70 lux rgb users, please help me, i am Brazilian and i grinded hard to get this keyboard, this needs a fix

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Have you contacted their support yet?


If so, which one - Brazilian support or global support? Post your ticket number so it can be brought to their attention.

If not, create a ticket:

Brazil: https://suporte-corsair.com.br/

Global: https://www.corsair.com/support


yeah they given me a lot of firmwares wich doensnt work at all, both NA an ABTN2 firmwares, changed both, no luck.

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