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Rebinding issue with Iron Claw Wireless


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Hello, I've been using the Iron Claw Wireless for a few months now and I have come across an issue that I do not know how to solve. With the default bindings on the mouse, the DPI buttons are right next to the index finger or left mouse button. I have often misclicked on this causing my aim to go crazy when I play some of my fps games. To fix this I tried to rebind those two buttons as media keys (next song, previous song) and rebound the profile change (behind scroll wheel) to the DPI change. My issue is that even though I rebounded my DPI switches to media, they still retain the old function. I have already looked to see if Retain Original Key Output was disabled, and it is, and I have already reinstalled the software twice. I don't know what to do at this point, any help would be appreciated.


tl;dr Rebound DPI keys so they are media, they still function as if I didn't rebind it with the addition of the media keys.

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