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H150i Pro Install question


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I am building my first PC and I have a question regarding cooler install order. I have a Corsair 750D Airflow case, a Corsair H150i Pro cooler , and an Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero motherboard. I am mounting the cooler to the top of the case.


Is it best to install the cooler to the processor before installing the motherboard in the case? I have seen videos suggesting different orders. The motherboard manual shows 1)Cooler to processor 2) motherboard to case 3) radiator and fans to case.


It seems like it might be easier to go 1) motherboard to case 2) radiator and fan to case 3) cooler to processor


Is one method better/easier than the other for a novice?


Thank you

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It depends on the case. Nowadays, most cases have a cutout to access the back of the motherboard, so it's easy to fit the backplate and the cooler.

If you do it in this order you may have to hold the backplate with masking tape while you orient the cooler and tubes and fit the screws.

Some coolers are easier than others. also depends if you're all thumbs :p


At worse if it's too tricky and you don't have a second pair of hands ready to help, just remove the motherboard and do it outside the case.

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