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Stop Virtuoso SE from switching profiles in iCue?

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I have a couple of Corsair products (mouse, keyboard, fans etc), and most of them are working just fine, but my headset (Virtuoso SE) is giving me a lot of trouble with the iCue software.


I have three monitors, and most of my games I run in fullscreen borderless so I can easily do stuff on the other monitors (check discord, surf, emails etc).


For example, I am either playing WoW and raid leading and switching between monitors to check notes, strategies, see who joined the discord channel, or I´m playing Call of Duty and between matches I browse around on youtube, you get the idea.


I have a Corsair Scimitar MMO mouse, and so I have one profile for windows (basically back/forward on two buttons), one for WoW (different spell keybinds), one for CoD (dpi change, grenades etc), and I´ve set it up so the keyboard and mouse gets different lightning depending on what profile is loaded, works great.


But from time to time when I change between the windows my headset just drops the sound for a second, and when it restores it drops all sound and the microphone from Discord.

To get it back I have to go into Discord, change from Virtuoso speakers + mic to default, can play a while, it happens again, I have to change from default -> virtuoso to get it going, quite annoying when discussing tactics and I can´t hear or speak because I clicked with my mouse on the other monitor...


Also, if I mute my mic with the button on the headset (say if the kids or my gf wants to talk about something), it shuts off the mic, give an audio warning (mic off), all is well, I change from the game to the other screen, the windows profile loads, it turns on the mic, I mute it again, change to the game, unmute when done talking, play for a while, change to the other screen, the mic gets muted (because it got saved in that state) and I get cut off in the middle of a sentence..


This could happen after 20 switches (so I can play for maybe 20-30 minutes) or it can happen just two times after I changed the sound in discord.


Can I make it so the headset is controlled by iCue (lightning, EQ etc), but not connected to a profile so it never switches?

I would prefer to keep the EQ settings, but if not the second best thing is to just have iCue ignore the headset altogether, or else I have to purchase another brand headset thats not controlled by iCue.


And if I mute the mic, it should be muted across all profiles imo, so I dont have to worry about which window I currently have focused.

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I'm having the same problem, i have some profiles associated with applications, after a few weeks stressing about it, i realized that it's happening when switch between profiles (and sometimes the iCue stops to change and even crash and dissapear of the taskbar). Now I've unlinked the profiles and I'm changing manually, and the most of the time I have to reset the in/out devices of teamspeak/discord when I swap.

Looking to error log of windows, when it happens, I can see those errors:



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I've the same issue aswell. After switching between a random amount of windows the sound suddenly drops for Teamspeak and in Discord the mic stops working. I really love the sound of my virtuoso but this is really annoying.

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