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Newbie/neophyte requesting setup assistance woth iCue H150, ML140 Pro plus 2 fans


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Hello. My apologies for what is likely a very common request. This is my first RBG build. I have the following components:

  1. Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub
  2. Lighting Node Pro (NoPro)
  3. Commander Core (included with the iCUE Elite Capellix AIO Coolers)
  4. Case Hub
  5. (3) ML120 fans on the H150i
  6. (3) ML140 Case Fans
  7. (1) Corsair 120 MM case fan that came with the Cougar Dark Blader G Case


The fan on the case is a Corsair, but likely not an ML series fan. I'm befuddled about what fans should connect to what components. I took a look at the iCUE Elite Capellix FAQ & setup info, as well as the iCUE Elite Capellix CPU Liquid Cooler Installation video, and also Zotty's CORSAIR RGB Hardware and iCUE Eco-System FAQ. I'm still confused. It must be "old-timer's disease." ��


If someone could possibly assist, I would be greatly appreciative. I am attaching a photo of the hub on the case.


Many thanks!







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This one is pretty straightforward. All you need is the Commander Core that is required to make the Elite coolers function. 6 ML fans go to the 6 PWM ports and 6 RGB ports on that controller. The Lighting Node Pro is not needed.


The odd one out is your Cougar fan. You can get PWM control over it with the Commander Core by pairing two of your ML off with a PWM splitter, then giving the freed up port to the Cougar fan -- assuming it is PWM (highly likely).


What's not so easy is making it part of the CUE RGB control. It might be possible and it is probably 5v RGB, but you would need a 3rd party adapter and potentially an entire separate controller just for it. Since the case already has a lot of its own RGB lighting that requires its own controller and there appears to be ports for your Cougar fans, it would be far simpler to leave it where it on the case RGB controller and use the case/MB RGB controls for the rear exhaust fan.

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The Cougar fan is a Corsair RBG fan. I am guessing it's an LL series. I saw that the NoPro had two channels, so I was hoping that I could somehow connect the 6 ML fans to one channel, and then connect the case hub to the other. The documentation said, however, that if I use all 6 ports on the rbg hub that I cannot use both channels.


Is it possible to put the 3 Capellix fans on the Commander on the 1st channel, the 3 ML case fans on the RGB hub on the second channnel, and then test the other lights on the hub and/or commander?


I guess it would be trial and error connecting the case hub to one or the other as well.


It also appears that the case hub is commonly used by Antec, Cougar, Gigabyte, plus others.



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The Commander Core (and all "Core" devices) have 1 RGB channel for fans only. Max fans per channel is 6. Generally, you cannot connect 3rd party controller or devices to the Core controllers.


Whatever is in the back of the case is not a Corsair fan. Cougar makes their own fans and they are a competitor, so unless you bought the case from some 3rd party seller who did it, it's going to be something else. The one shown on their website for the case is not Corsair.


It might be possible to connect the RGB hub to channel 1 on the Lighting Node Core. You will need a 3rd party adapter. This is one place to look. I am not familiar with that controller. It may be like others that have series of internal presets and then 1 preset that releases control to the MB/RGB controller. In practical terms, I am not sure how that will work for a multi-lighting section like case parts + fan. Presumably they all are on one circuit and must do the same thing.

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That is kind of what I figured, but I thought I would ask prior to proceeding. I guess I will just start with the Cougar fan and case lighting connected to their hub, and the 6 Corsair fans connected to the commander.


I did see a post by Zotty somewhere that provided a link to a USB splitter. I will try to find that and see where that thread takes me.


I sincerely appreciate your assistance. I'll check back on this thread in case anyone else might have additional suggestions.



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