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Ls100 21:9


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I would like to know if the LS100 will work correctly on a 21: 9 monitor on video mode (LG 34GN850) when using the 450mm + 250mm top and bottom combinations (2 * 250mm will be too short)?


I'm using this setup with a LG 34GK950F, the strips are connected short-long-short-short-long-short and this is how I set it in iCue:




With this setup I can run static color effects with no issues, more complicated effects (like visual audio or video) work for sometime but then start to act weird or turn off at all.

As when this happens I have to unplug and plug back in the dongle USB cable at the risk of making all the strips fall down, I've decided to go for static lighting untill Corsair releases an upgrade of iCue that really supports UW monitors.



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