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A little help with my build\lighting


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Hey all,


I recently bought the corsair 680x case and iCue H115i Elite Capellix. I also purchased a Commander Pro

Before bothering anyone with this, I've had a read of the manuals but can't seem to figure out how they all work together


RGB builds are completely new to me and im going seriously wrong with this somewhere in regards to getting the lighting to work.

So currently, ive got the H115i fans plugged into its own controller on both fan and RGB


I've got the rest of the fans plugged into the commander pro, and the lighting goes back to the h115i controller. If i plug them into the controller that came with the case, no lighting comes on :p:


I made a diagram of how it's plugged in but haven't attached incase it confuses the matter!

Can anyone give me a tip? I'm currently just unplugging and replugging things in to see if it makes a difference


Thank you all

(is it too soon for happy holidays?)

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