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HS60 Pro Surround doesnt get detected by iCUE


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I got the headset on Black Friday and it worked good but the microphone was faint and my friends couldn't hear me well, but they got used to it. Some times how ever my audio would just cut out and my microphone didn't work and I had to unplug and replug the headset USB in then it worked. All was fine until a few hours ago same thing happened but when I repluged it back in the headset didn't get detected on iCUE but also the Volume bar was at 0 and I tried to put it to a random number to fix it but it went straight to 100 and its fixed there, I've restarted my pc multiple times unpluged and repluged mutable times and deleted iCUE and redownloaded it but nothing is working. :sigh!: Any tips?
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