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Corsair Value Select - Powerbook 12" 1.33

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I purchased a 512 chip of corsair value select for my powerbook about a month and a half ago. It was working fine, however recently when i went to install tiger (shipped early lucky me :) ) it would not install with the ram installed (previously i was able to install osx just fine with the ram installed) I ran the hardware test and it found an error with the memory, at which point i removed it and it installed fine, note neither panther nor tiger will install now with the memory installed, so i suspect the ram went bad. I stuck the memory in my brother's powerbook (same type, model) and same problem.


#'s on the chip.





I purchased it from fry's and their return policy is 30 days so i'm out of luck there.


Any ideas, or should i just request an RMA?

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