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Virtuoso sound problems in games


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I just bought the virtuoso wireless headset (Non SE Version), and i have been having issues with the sound of it.


So far i have encountered 2 problems the first being in Cyberpunk 2077, where the SFX audio when you are in a car sounding extremely distant and quiet, almost like its been compressed and decreased in volume making it sound very weird, i tried turning back to my old Void Pro Wireless headset and the sound issues were gone completely.


The second more minor issue is in terraria where the sound effect that plays when you place a block, being glitched out and cutting off half way through, playing a weird chirp glitch sound instead.


So far ive only been using this headset for a week and i'm afraid more and more problems will pile on as i keep using it, so i was hoping if anybody knows any sort of fix to these problems.


I have already tried some troubleshooting methods such as,


Reinstalling Realtek audio drivers completely


Removing any traces of my virtuoso being on my pc and doing a clean reinstall of ICUE


I have a custom EQ Preset if that would have any effect on this which i doubt but i thought i should put it in here just incase.


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