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Fans displaying different color than the pump and rgb strips, please help!


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So I've got an h100i platinum with two LL fans on it, 4 QL fans in the case hooked up to a Corsair RGB Fan Node which is hooked up to a Corsair RGB Node. And I've got 3 Phanteks RGB Neon strips hooked up (with a custom made cable) to the Corsair RGB node. I've also got 4 dimms of RGB Vengeance. That's all controlled by iCue. There's RGB on the MB but that's controlled by the worst program known to man... RGB Fusion 2.0. I was really disappointed with how poor the quality of the RGB was on the QL fans (the ones hooked up to the RGB Fan Hub), and even the LL fans on the h100i didn't look as vivid as they should. But basically, all 6 fans looked very washed out, too bright, not vivid at all. This was in rainbow unicorn barf mode btw. The Phanteks Neon strips, the 4 RAM sticks, and the Pump RGB were displaying very vivid nice-looking color. So I do a test to see what the individual colors look like. With red, green, and blue, everything looked okay, maybe the green was a bit off on the QL fans, but not by much. But when I selected Magenta... The four QL fans looked completely different from the rest of the set up, it was much more blueish and not vivid at all. And the magenta on the two LL fans though the right color this time wasn't as vivid a magenta as the very pump that they were sold with... I don't understand why this is. And it was the same story with the orange, yellow, cyan. The Phanteks Neon Strips and the h100i pump were consistently closer to the correct color, a much more vivid color than the two LL fans and especially the 4 QL fans... EXCEPT for white. I don't know why, but when I picked white, the Neon Strips and the pump were YELLOW... and the LL fans were a solid white, and even the 4 QL fans were white, but a much darker white.


This isn't a question of the QL fans being bad either, because I plugged them into the h100i and they were much closer to the correct color just like the LL fans were when they were plugged into the h100i. What is happening? Is the Corsair RGB Fan Hub broken? Whatever is plugged into that shows the worst washed out color. The two fans that can be plugged into the h100i show slightly less vivid color than they should. And for some reason, the Neon strips and the Pump show white as a gross yellowish color. Is there any way to calibrate this? Why is everything so messed up? Do Corsair fans just not show very vivid RGB?


I've tried plugging things in one at a time to different controllers and it still doesn't help. Whatever's in the fan up looks like crap. Whatever is plugged into the h100i looks better but still not very vivid. When I plugged in the Phanteks strips into the Motherboard and used RGB Fusion2.0 to check if it displayed white correctly, it did. But for some reason, when I plug it into the RGB Node, it shows the exact same colors as the h100i pump and they both show white as light yellow. And the RGB RAM is always showing the right color and is also vivid. Why can't it all look like that? Why isn't there a way to calibrate the colors in iCue? How do I go about fixing this?

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