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need advice for the 4000d airflow videocard riser slot


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I have a 20mm LINKUP brand cable that fits with enough room to allow a couple half-height cards to placed in slots underneath the cable. Note that the prime PCIe x16 on this setup is the 2nd slot rather than the 1st. A 15mm cable might work but it would be very tight, especially if routing from the first PCIe slot. There are much longer cables out there, including the model Corsair sells.


If you setting up a PCIe 4.0 system, be aware, that spec is much tighter than 3 and there are no guarantees - even with cables that are sold as PCIe 4.0.

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Hey Pewpew,


Our own riser will be (in my opinion) best bet as that one can be mounted directly to the case with screws to help eliminate GPU sag. I have used it in multiple builds, and the length is not a problem.


Just be aware that if you are using a 3000 series or a 6xxx series GPU with a PCI-e gen 4 motherboard you might have to set your PCI-e port to gen3 in bios before putting the riser in.

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