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Corsair 570X Mirror Black Fan Wiring


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Hi, i am just building my new PC and i was confused about the RGB fan lighting setup as i have not wired it in a build before. As i understand the 570X Case comes with


- 3x SL120 120mm fans

- 1x Node Pro


I would like to get rid of the SL120 fans and replace the setup with

- 3x ML120 120mm Fans

- 2x ML140 140mm Fans


Is it possible to run this setup off of the Node Pro? Or do i need the Commander Pro as well?


I potentially would like to add another ML120 fan to the rear of the case if there is enough space (need to get everything in once its delivered and check there is enough space for the EK Pump and Reservoir etc first)


I have looked at the Sticky post for the 570X wiring information but was a bit confused for a 5fan setup.


Thanks in advance for any help

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Hi Ste1337,


Sorry for the late reply, we have all been on holiday break.


First of, to clear off a few things:

The 570X comes with an RGB hub, and a manual switch to change the lighting effects (NOT a lighting node pro), so you cannot control lighting via our iCUE software. In order to do that, you will need to purchase a lighting node pro.

However, I would recommend that you purchase a commander PRO instead, as you can then also control fan speeds via iCUE as well as lighting.


I will assume that you are referring to the RGB variants of the ML fans (if not, then everything still applies, just simpler as you do not need to connect RGB)


You case already has a RGB hub (each RGB fan has two wires, a RGB wire and a fan PWM wire) - the RGB wires from your fans will go into the hub, and the wire from the hub will go into the commander pro. Your fan PWM wires goes directly into the commander pro.


If you just want to get none RGB ML fans, you can even get away with just connecting these to your motherboard. But doing so will force you to control them via BIOS or motherboard software as iCUE requires a commander PRO to control fan speeds.

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