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Vengeance i7200 with RTX 3090?


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My short review : I am upgrading from a Corsair One i160 with RTX 2080ti. I *love* the One. Best machine ever. I am very reluctantly upgrading only because I need the power of the RTX 3090 for engineering and gaming.


The Vengeance i7200 with RTX 3090 is a great machine as well. You can read the specs, so here is my subjective experience with an actual example:


- Overall I am happy with the machine. It performs approximately as expected. It has an excellent build quality and the Corsair and MSI parts are excellent. I am gaming at 4K ultra in all games with good-to-amazing FPS depending on the game.


- The case is excellent. The only issue is that the glass side panel, despite having plastic protection front and back, seems to have some significant water spotting/lines on the glass itself (admittedly, I only noticed because I was shining a flashlight on it). That is odd.


- I expect a high end system with a price of $3999.99 to come with at least one set of cables for adding a second SATA drive (the machine has one open bay and two SSD slots on the back for these). Usually I find a useful set of extra cables in a system like this. So that was odd. I would have expected attachment screws for the extra drive bay cart to be included as well.


- The RTX 3090 appears to be a Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity in generic trim as reported earlier. I am able to achieve above average performance as compared to the results posted by others for all RTX 3090 vendors.


- My only serious gripe is with the RTX 3090 fan behavior which seems to be common with all of the air cooled RTX 3090 cards out now. The fans will kick in as soon as the GPU reaches 30 degrees Celsius, then turns off when it gets back to 28 degrees. The PC has six of the excellent Corsair fans on its own and they are so quite that when the RTX fans stop it is almost as quite as the Corsair One to my ears - meaning it is really quite. As a result, when the RTX 3090 starts blowing it is a big change. It would be better if the fans came on earlier but at a slower speed in the RTX and stepped up at a nice curve.


Summary: $3999.99 is quite the price tag - but I consider myself fortunate in December of 2020 to be able to buy this level of machine with the RTX 3090. If you have the money, I would recommend it.

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The BIOS updates would come from us as it's customized. New updates are released to address security vulnerabilities, if any arise.


As for drivers, you can get them from MSI directly or through Windows Updates.


Can you tell us where or how we'd get any bios update from you guys? It's not clear on the downloads page: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Systems/CORSAIR-VENGEANCE-i7200-Series-Gaming-PC/p/CS-9050004-NA#tab-downloads nor the support page:



There's no clear info on what's the latest BIOS version, how to download.

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