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Fan control in ICUE


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Hi there,


I have my fans set to quiet in ICue, but for some reason there still running at 1500 rpm


its only my case fans that are being controlled like this, the cooler fans are fine on quiet at 400 rpm,


So i think something else is controlling the fan speed any ideas?


Didn't think it can be motherboard as the PWM of the case fans are plugged into commander pro


Thanks in advance!

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it's better to create your own fan curve instead of using the 3 default ones. They work like the Lord.. in mysterious ways.


That said, what fan models are these?

If they are 3 pin fans, you have to make sure in the CoPro settings that the fan ports are set to Auto or 3 pin mode.

Otherwise they will run at full speed all the time.

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You need to get off the three presets for the Commander Pro. They don't have much use and are responding to CPU temperature as the default with a curve intended for coolant temp. 1400-1500 rpm is the normal response for everyone.


Commander Pro -> Performance Tab +


This will create a new graph below. First thing you need to decide on is a new sensor choice. CPU temp is not a good one and there is minimal correlation to what your case fans are doing. If you have a Corsair AIO, using the coolant temperature (H1xx Temp) is a decent solution. The other obvious one for most people is GPU temp. Your graph points will depend on the device you choose with obvious differences in temperature between a AIO and GPU. Ideally, the temp probes that comes with the Commander over the most efficient control and work at all times, software running or not. Rear exhaust is a good data point for most people, but you can use up to 4 even if they are just informational and each fan can be set independently with its own curve. The catch is you will need to learn the normal range of the temp probe. It is both case environment and proximity affected by heat, so the range can be different if you put 3 cm this way or that.

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