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H115i Platinum iCue Disconnecting issue


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So I have been researching this and noticed ever since I installed iCue, my cooler would disconnect and reconnect every few minutes.

I was under the assumption this was fixed looking at later version fixes, but I can confirm it's not for me.

I do have HWINFO installed, but it was never active simultaneously and the persistent driver was not installed. I also checked Steam was closed (though it's a big deal breaker already if I cant use steam and iCue simultaneously), and it still occurred.


Currently I've "fixed" it by not having iCue start on windows start up and have been performing a stress test and hasn't disconnected so far, but it's a shame it makes iCue almost unusable and seemingly dangerous if you want to update the firmware and it decided to disconnect during the update process.


Is there anything else to try to fix the issue? I dont see what else could be causing it to disconnect other than iCue itself.



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