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Profiles beeing randomly modified and actions library bug


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Hi :)


I have a K70 since 2018 and iCUE often messes with my profiles.







What I am experiencing so far:


-Actions beeing assigned to an other Key

-Actions beeing partially* or totally modified:

*Macros events beeing partially or totally modified inside of the macro sequencer

*Actions names beeing reverted to the default name.

-Actions beeing partially or totally DELETED


I think the problem has to do with the profile saving system because the actions seem to revert back to previous states

BUT: When it happens, the number of actions and macro events reverting back is independent of how many of them I modified the last time I edited profiles.

Which means that if I modify 10 actions, "only" 6 of them will be partially or totally reverted the next time I start my PC.







If I save "Action" to the actions library and export the action from the actions library to a new profile... Next time I'll start iCUE, I will see "Action" and "Action(1)" in the new profile, and the copy will be the one beeing bound.


I ended up with more than 5 copies of multiple actions each time I tryed using the actions library, and I'm done with it until a fix is found or deployed.






Bugs have been acting for more than one year in iCUE, if not from the beginning. And I always told myself that there would be fixes for those obvious bugs.

Be it due to my configuration or the software, here I am, ready to help things getting fixed.


I've updated from 3.35 to 3.36 today.

I made iCUE.exe and ICUE launcher to run as administrator to see how it goes.

I'll also try launching iCUE manually on start.


I'd aprreciate some help :')


Kind regards



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