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Hi guys,


I am using a K70 RGB Mk II and a Harpoon RGB Pro as my mouse.


Everything was working really nicely, no issues at all, then last night while I was playing Cyberpunk, my keyboard froze. It wouldn't accept inputs. I restarted my system by pressing the button on the tower.


When I then tried to switch profiles through the button on my keyboard (I don't have them synced to programs or anything), two profiles with coloured patterns (one has rainbow wave and the other has colour shift) will change. However, when I try to switch to my default one, which is just the solid colour white (I use this for doing uni work, etc) it does not switch. It just freezes the colour it was doing before.


Additionally, the WinLock button does not change colour. This happens on both my colour shift and solid white profiles. It produces the input - the computer will obey the WinLock command, but it will not change colour at all.


I have found that if I switch to my solid white profile, then change the brightness, it will flick back to the profile I want. But I have to fiddle with it every time to have it recognise it.


So far, I have restarted my system, updated my iCue software to the latest available version and deleted and manually recreated my iCue profiles. None of these efforts have had any effect.


Prior to now, I have not had any issues at all with iCue software. It has worked perfectly. That is why I am confuised about this.


My mouse is changing profiles (I have it set to lighting link) correctly. There are no issues with it. It also did not freeze originally, while I was playing Cyberpunk.


Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello there,


This sounds like it could be potentially related to a software conflict with the iCUE software.


Go ahead and run our Elgato reporting tool found on the link below, open a ticket with support, and include that .zip file the Elgato tool generates. This way, support will be able to review your entire system environment for any potential conflicts.

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