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H100i SE 240mm + extra 2 LL120 RGB fans


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Hi guys,


I'm planning to buy new pc, with H100i SE Platinum aio cooler.

Just wondering, If the H100i comes with 2 RGB LL120 Fans, and I want to add additional 2 LL120 rgb fans to the case (one at the top and one rear exhaust, exactly like in this pic: https://pasteboard.co/JFdYUEh.png), and i want to control all of the 4 rgb fans color at the same time, Do I need to buy any additional accessory like the Commander Pro/Node Pro/RGB Fan LED Hub?




Thanks for the help :biggrin:

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In case you have not found the answer to your question yet, I have a H100i Platinum SE as well and the answer as far as I am aware is yes you'll need a controller. The H100i SE comes with two white LL fans, but has connectors to control the RGB on only these two fans. If you buy a 3 pack of white LL120s you'll get a Lighting Node Pro and fan hub. It may be cheaper than buying the fans, fan hub and controller separately. I would suggest running the H100i SE fans from the connectors on the cooler, but connecting all four LL fans to the hub. I had the unfortunate effect of the color on the H100i being slightly off compared to those on the fan hub, so I hooked all of my 6 LL fans to the hub instead of 4 on the hub and 2 on the H100i.


If you haven't checked Zotty's iCUE FAQ, I suggest you take a look at it: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880

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