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Hardware Lighting possible with Lighting Node CORE + SP120 RGB PRO?


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I'm considering buying the 3-pack of iCUE SP120 RGB PRO fans that comes with a Lighting Node CORE.

As a Linux user, I can't have the iCUE software running all the time and I read about "hardware lighting" here, which would be acceptable for me. But in this Thread, only the Lighting Node PRO and Commander PRO and LL fans are mentioned. Is this hardware mode limited to these products or can I use it also with the Lighting Node CORE + SP120 RGB PRO so I can boot into Windows once, start iCUE, set my RGB colors for the fans and then never start Windows again and my fans stay at the colors I have set, even through reboots and power cycles?

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Hardware lighting works for all fans. The lighting program is stored on the controller, which will be either the Lighting Node Pro, Lighting Node Core, or Commander Pro. Since it needs to run directly from the device, this limits the customization possible, but there still are quite a lot.


You will be able to choose from:


Static colors

Rainbow Wave


Color Shift

Color Pulse

Color Wave





Rainbow channel


Rainbow Wave, Rainbow, Rainbow channel have defined color palettes (guess which). All the rest are selectable or randomly assigned from the 6 major RGB combinations.

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