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Water damage question

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Ok so I'm an idiot and feel free to laugh at me I deserve it

So I'm building a new pc with custum water cooling all corsair hydro x.

I had everything ready installed pump reservoir the loop all concected.

As I start filling the reservoir I hear some water trickle and I look under my pc and its comming out.


So I forgot to plug the back hole on the pump...


Unfurtunerly under my pump in the lower section of my pc I had a HUB for my corsair fans and it all got wet. The fan connectors the sata conector for the hub.

Also the molex cable and conmection for my pump got wet.


I was using corsair coolant.

PC was not under power at all at any time.

The rgb cables are ok for the fans only the fan cables got wet.

I cleaned of as much as I could with paper towel and than input all thr cables in a bowl of rice.

What do you guys think will the fans work? Is it a problem that it wasn't just plain water and it was green coolant? And what about the pump molex cable?


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Hi Thomas, your fail is really nothing to laugh, bad enough for you. I almost ran in the same issue, the only thing that prevented me from leaving the backside inlet open, was that i was not happy with the Temp sensor in the side inlet XD.


Maybe i am too late, but i recommend to give the components a long time to dry, a few days minimum.


Best regards, i hope your System will work fine later.

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Thanks everyone , I l left all the cables sitting in rice for 2 days . I plugged everything back in after and it all worked . I was lucky no damage was made. But now I have some other questions but ill make a post about it. Here some pics on how it turned out.

Just waiting on the Strix 3080 water block to finally be available in Canada. I seen in US its already up for sale in Canada its still "Notify me when in stock " :(

Also the pump and cpu block isn't lighting up because i need an extension it wont reach to the commander or anywhere.



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