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Capellix and LL120 fans


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I have been running with 6 LL120 fans in an Obsidian 500D RBG for the past year. Just added a H100i Elite Capellix, taking out the top two LL120 fans and replacing them with the ML fans that came with the Capellix.

This has thrown my RBG all out of wack. I cannot figure out how to add the ML fans to ICUE. I plugged them into the Commander Pro but they're not showing up right because you can only select one type of fan.

My other lighting channel is taken up by RGB led strips. I also tried connecting the ML fans to the Commander Core but they are not showing up in ICUE. The easiest fix I can think of is to switch out the ML fans and add the LL fans back in.

If I do that will the LL fans sufficiently cool the Capellix? And is there a way to get the ML fans to show up in ICUE if I connect them to the Commander Core?

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