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iCue Emergency Shutdown?


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I finished my new build over the weekend. It uses a 5900X and 3080 (no scalpers involved), and I used the H100i RGB Pro XT for cooling. I've had no problems with the system, except that while I was playing some Destiny 2 yesterday (not a particularly taxing game), quite suddenly, the PC shut off. I don't mean Windows shutdown, I mean the power just went off. Everything started up fine, and didn't have any issues the rest of the day.


My question is, when iCue does an "Emergency Shutdown," is that what it looks like, or is it a "Windows is shutting down...." event like a normal shutdown? I am quite certain that I didn't hit 70C on my coolant, so it would have been a false reading from a sensor that did it, if it were iCue at all.



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iCUE closes windows cleanly.

That looks like some OCP trip from the PSU or something of that nature, but it would help knowing what's in the build.

do you overclock anything or run completely stock?


5900x w/ Aus crosshair viii hero wifi - no OC

32GB RAM (still at 2133, will put it at 3600 in a week or so if the system is otherwise stable)

EVGA 3080 FTW3 - no OC

EVGA 750W PSU (modular)


I have the pump set at "Balanced"

Idle temps seem to be 30-40C (coolant at 30C), load has been 50-60C (coolant at 35-40C).

6 fans - 3 in front, 1 in back, 2 on the radiator. The radiator fans run between 850 rpm up to 1500 rpm at load, and the chassis fans usually go from 700 to 1250. The 2 groups key off the AIO coolant and GFX card respectively. There is enough air getting moved by those 3 front fans I'm not concerned with the ambient getting too high.


Maybe it was just a blip or loose wire, because I have more than enough power and none of those temps seem concerning.


I also had it on all day long today just streaming music while I was working. No issues.


UPDATE: Under normal gaming load I do see the CPU spike to 65 or 70, but it doesn't stay there long. Also, it's my understanding that those temps aren't that out of the ordinary for the 5000 series.

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