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T3 Rush Review - nearly perfect

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So I bought the T3 Rush and I am really loving it. I have tried many gaming chairs but this is the best chair in this class for me. Read further for the but...


- Easy to assemble

- Comfy but firm

- The cushions - perfect support, soft but supporting

- Many options for positions, good height

- It looks like a cool "Gaming chair" not like a "g@m0r1ng cHa1R!!1" which is really nice because you can use it in business calls without being embarrassed.

- It has a high quality feel.

- I do not even have to complain about the plastic base, no problem with that.


But we have to talk about the armrests :sigh!:

They are not bad (at least not at this point) but they are not as good as the rest of the chair. You can put them in any position which is very nice, but yeah, they are wobbly. This is not a problem at this point, but it is like putting the doorhandles of a middle class car on a nice sports car.


My love for this chair goes so far, that I would buy an armrest upgrade kit and not even be mad.


You had the opportunity to build the perfect gaming chair but you built the perfect gaming chair with average armrests. :rolleyes:

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